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Buyers need to fully understand the relationships that develop during the buying process. That’s why working with an experienced buyers agent is important. From understanding the buying process, getting your pre-approval, presenting firm offers, and even finalizing items at the closing table, choosing a buyers agent isn’t the easiest think to do.

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Selling your home can be a very complicated and drawn out process when you don’t use a knowledgeable real estate agent. The NJ Property Finder Team is dedicated to getting your home sold as quickly as possible. We know time is of the essence and any delay in the selling process can cost you undue hardships. Let us help you get your home sold, so you can start that next chapter of life easily. Our expert agents understand what needs to get done before the “For Sale” sign goes up and how to properly stage your home. We are well versed in modern marketing strategies which will keep your listing from getting stale.


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Thinking of Renting…

Need a place to live but don’t want a long-term commitment? Well renting may just be the best option for you. Renting offers the flexibility of having a nice play to live without committing to a mortgage for many years to come. Renting offers a more affordable way to find a place to call “Home.





Buying and selling commercial properties require special assessments to ensure our clients are provided with the best information when securing and selling properties to minimize liability.


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Investing in real estate is definitely a great way to create long-term passive income by generating rental income. It can also be used as a short term investing option for a quick return by doing what is commonly known as House Flipping. This short term strategy is not about keeping any inventory. Buy, repair, and resell cycles are very quick and difficult to master. It is part of the strategies used by our nations wealthiest people. Knowing the In’s & Out’s of investment properties can take a toll on your plans if you do not have a real estate agent that can help you overcome those unforeseen obstacles changes in the buying environment can bring.